Samebike New Models Comparision

Samebike New Models Comparision

At SAMEBIKE we have had hundreds of customers in the past two months. We so appreciate being liked by our customers and subscribers. But we know no bike is perfect in this world, we should keep improving to bring better bikes and service to you.

So, let's see what we bring you next month and quickly understand the differences among them.

Electric Mountain Bikes

We have three new models of mountain bikes in August. LVHL26A (also call as 26A), XWC05 (C05), and YY26. All of them use the 6061 aluminum alloy frame, to provides the best payload capacity and impact resistance in lightweight. Considering your biking safety and comfort, we select better saddle seats and attached wider reflectors to wheels. So, what're the differences between mountain bikes on our site?

New model 26A is equipped with an upgrade 18A controller, compared with SM26 (12A), improved output power and shorten the time to reach the top speed.

Both C05 and YY26 use 750W motor and 22A controller to make sure strong power supply for fat tires requirement. 4.0 inches fat tires are cool and useful in a variety of road conditions. And the shock-absorbing thickened wide seat helps reduce the pressure of long-time cycling.


Dual Battery Foldable Electric Bike

The first SAMEBIKE dual battery bike LOTDM200 has two 48V Lithium-ion batteries, 10Ah middle battery + 20Ah rear battery, provides a max 1440Wh battery capacity. The same as the XWLX09, M200 also comes with 20*4.0 inches CST fat tires and an aluminum alloy rear rack. This dual battery bike can be the best choice for commuters and bike heavy-users.

If you are interested in these new products, please visit the product page to learn more by clicking the quick links.

26A 500W MTB C05 750W 13Ah YY26 750W 15Ah M200 Dual Battery
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