Brand Statement

At Samebike, we produce high-quality and value-for-money bikes for consumers around the world. Considering the differences in different regions' markets, we may sell bikes in different models/specifications/outlooks via multi-channels. For the United States, our official online store is We promise all products on our site are genuine and provided directly by the manufacturer.

Here are pictures of our brand authorization and brand registration.

We've found some fake websites that abuse our brand and products. Those sites posts announcements to say they are the official online store. But everyone can conclude easily by take a quick view of that site. They are fake websites, no return policy, confusing product descriptions, everywhere on their site shows they are not doing serious business. They squatted those domain names. Tried to sell them to us at a high price. We do not accept such improper business practices. We are asking them to stop abusive behavior through legal means. Before that, we have to announce that thing here and remind users to choose formal channels when purchasing items online.

The domains of these fake websites including: