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Samebike Pilot SE, Brown

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Color RAL 8007 Fawn brown
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About the Pliot SE Bike

This is an exploration of making electric bikes more fun and different. With the 1,000W high-torque motor and dirt bike design, such as low-slung frame, long-travel suspension, knobby tires, etc. It's expected to be a fun and exciting way to explore the outdoors, push your limits, and experience the thrill of off-road riding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Package List & Onwer's Tools

What's in the Package?

  • The Pilot SE Electric Bike * 1
  • Battery * 1
  • Battery Charger * 1
  • Frame Basket * 1
  • Pedal Set * 1
  • Quick-release Skewer * 1
  • Seat Set * 1
  • Toolkit * 1
  • User Manual * 1

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Parts Defective Period
Motor Not functional / coil burnt 1 Year
Battery Unable to charge / mileage per charge < 20% 1 Year
Controller Not functional / Error code 1 Year
Charger Not charging 1 Year
Display Error code 1 Year
Pedal-assist sensor No assistance /insensitive 1 Year
Lights Not lit 1 Year
Frame Deformation / desoldering / cracking 1 Year
Front fork Deformation / fracture / no shock absorption 1 Year
Seatpost Deformation / desoldering / cracking 1 Year
Handlebar Deformation / desoldering / cracking 1 Year
Stem Deformation / desoldering / cracking 1 Year
Headset Failure / unsmooth steering 1 Year
Brakes Failure / rebound blocked 1 Year
Brake disc Deformation / fracture 1 Year
Crankset Deformation / fracture 1 Year
Freewheel Deformation / detachment 1 Year
Derailleur Stuck / abnormal noise 1 Year
Shifter Stuck/abnormal noise 1 Year


Hub Motor


Removable Battery

20" * 4.0"

All-terrains Tires

Steel Frame

Full Suspension





1,000W High-torque DC Hub Motor

For a dirt ebike, riders always expect quick and smooth acceleration. Samebike Pilot's 1,000W geared hub motor with 80Nm instant torque will provide a thrilling and responsive ride. Working with the 20"*4.0" fat knobby tires, the Pilot can be ridden on a variety of terrain, from dirt tracks to rocky terrain to steep hills, providing a versatile and adaptable ride.

864Wh Long-lasting Li-ion Battery

Just as important as fueling up your gas tank before a road trip, a good battery is important for your challenging trips and longer routes. The 48V 18Ah large-capacity Lithium-ion battery with MSDS/ UN38.3/ CE certificated 21700 cells, tested to be safe and reliable working indoors or outdoors in 120℉, can ensure enough juice to conquer mountains and hills.

Custom YL-81F LCD Display

A functional computer/ instrument shows the riding information (including speed, miles, battery, gears,) and bike status (such as brake/ walk-mode/ headlight,) on the 3.5" colored LCD screen. The 5V 1A USB-A port integrated into the keyboard can charge your phone when the display is on. And the new display supports a login password, you can still ride the bike even if the key was lost.

All-around Improved Riding Experience

Adjustable Front Suspension

The adjustable and lockable magnesium alloy suspension front fork allows for maximum suspension travel of 100mm. Effectively absorbing excessive vibration and bumps, thereby reducing wrist fatigue and discomfort.

1,000 Lbs Rear Suspension

High-performance rear suspension can absorb up to 1000 pounds of vibration energy, providing protection for long-distance outdoor cycling

7-Speed Shifting System

The Shimano chain shifter can smoothly switch between 14-28T 7-speed gears at any time. Allowing pedal-assist models uses in any terrain or even climbing steep slopes doesn`t need motor assistance.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Using hydraulic disc brakes with front and rear 180mm motorcycle rotors, Samebike Pilot adopted customized semi-metal brake pads that provide strong braking force and can quickly stop under a load of 330 pounds to respond to emergency situations

10W High-bright Headlight

The headlights of Samebike Polit can obtain a larger field of view at night or in poor visibility, having for clear identification of obstacles ahead. The reflector of the headlight and built-in electronic horn constantly remind the oncoming bike of your presence, avoiding accidents caused by blurred vision, and thereby protecting your safety.

Practical Bottom Tube Basket

Customized iron black lower tube basket, not only can improve the appearance of the standard edition front triangle being too spacious, but also can be making it easy for you to carry more items such as cameras, speakers, party supplies, and even shopping bags filled with food can put in the lower tube basket too.

Brake Signal Tail Light

The red rear tail lights will light up synchronously with the front lights turned on. And when you grip whichever brake the tail light will flash to remind the person behind to maintain a secure distance.

26" BMX Handlebars

Unlike the common dirt bike, the Samebike Pilot has higher and wider BMX handlebars, making it easier to handle and smoother during turns

Rubber Non-slip Grips

The retro round grip made of rubber, paired with a thumb throttle and Shimano thumb derailleur shifter, helps you easily control balance and shift gears.

Answered Questions for Pilot SE

Do I have to register this bike?

Samebike bikes come to you with a max speed limit of 20mph, which means they are supervised as Class 2 bikes. That means you're not required to register it or get a license plate for it. But if you want to unlock the speed limit beyond 20MPH, you have to ask the local relative department if you need to register a license.

The bike seat is not adjustable. I'm 6ft. Would it be appropriate for me?

Of course, the bike structure is like many utility motorcycles. Even if your height is a little higher and the saddle height is unadjustable, you can still get the comfortable stack and reach distance by sitting a little backside on the seat. So the bike can fit people 170-210cm.

Is it easy to put together? Do I need someone to help with it?

The bike weighs 95 lbs, which is difficult for one to put forward in the package, you may need to ask help for someone else. But for one who wants to install the bike is very simple, because we already finished 85% pre-assembled, the remained part is not difficult and we have the full video to teach how to complete the parts. You can click the link to watch.

Are the brakes reliable and effective?

Of course, the bike uses the Hydraulic dual-piston brake system, paired with copper-basis semi-metallic brake pads, and stainless steel disc rotors of 180mm motorcycle-grade adding thickness that will help you to stop your bike in minute.

How fast does it go on gravel roads and how fast does it go on grass and dirt?

We have not practically tested the bike's top speed on different terrains. In addition, the bike has is 20" * 4.0" fat tires. And can adapt to every terrain. In the driving of the 1,000W motor, Its speed can reach beyond 25 MPH(after unlocking the speed limit).

Is the bike easy to pedal home if the battery dies?

The difficulty is depending on your riding distance. As you can see, the bike weighs 95 lbs and is paired with 4.0" fat tires. Thus the special bike structure will doubtfully generate it more difficult to drive by pedal than a universal traditional bike. But it still has fitted the gears about Shimano 7-Speed 48T*14-28T, which can transfer your strength great. You still can choose the comfortable gear to turn on and advance easily, but you will make your body more tired if you are riding for a long time.

Is the throttle speed variable?

Yes, the speed of the bike`s throttle is changed with the PAS level. Notice, that the display shows the pedal-assist has 5 PAS levels, which means the pedal-assist and throttle both motor powers were set to five levels. Like this, you will have to adjust to five PAS levels to ride if you want to use the throttle to reach the top speed of the bike.

Can I choose the color of the seat and tires?

Not, We do not provide the service of automize bike colors temporarily. That all bikes already are assembled and packed to deposit in our warehouse, and we have not been able to open the package and change the parts. But we will sell the saddle and tires of different colors in the future. By then you can choose to buy it free.

Is there a way to change the side of the throttle? I personally prefer the throttle on the right side.

Usually, we don't recommend to change it. The Pilot bike has a left thumb throttle because it will interfere with the Shimano Thumb Shifter if on the right.

Could someone 4’11 ride it?

We're sorry to let you know the Pilot Bike is too big for a rider in 4'11. As you can see on our website, the seat height of it is 32.5" which means the inseam of the rider should be 29.8" or longer.

I want an ebike to ride to work. There are a couple large hills I have to climb. How does this bike do climbing hills?

The Pilot SE bike can climb hills up to 20 degrees in throttle mode. With the Shimano 7-Speed shifting system, you can climb 40 degrees with pedal assist.

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Geometry & Technical Specifications

    Bike Geometry

  • Recommended rider height

    5'7" - 6'11"

    170cm - 210cm
  • Handlebar height


  • Seat height


    Unadjustable MOPED Saddle
  • Standover height


    MOPED frame
  • Reach distance


    Ample operate space
  • Total length


  • Wheelbsase


  • Chainstay


  • Tire diameter


  • Max tire width


  • Head tube length


  • Effective toptube


  • Seat tube Length

    No seat tube

  • Head tube angle


  • Handlebar width


    Basic Specifications

  • Ebike class

    Class 2 electric bike

    The bike comes with a 20mph speed limit for both pedal-assist and throttle modes
  • Top speed

    31 Mph without limit

    Customers can disable the top speed limit on display to go over 20 mph
  • Range per charge

    60 - 64 Miles with pedal-assist

    50% default assist rate. 30 - 32 miles percharge for throttle-only riding
  • Motor gears

    5 Levels assist

    For both pedal-assist and throttle modes
  • Payload capacity

    330 Lbs

    DO NOT recommend carrying passengers
  • Bike weight

    94.8 Lbs in total

    With the battery and frame basket attached
  • Brake type

    Hydraulic disc brake

    Premium (3.0mm thickness) disc brake
  • Water-proof level

    IP54 for outdoor use

    Protected from water spray from any direction
  • Bike gradeability

    20° for dry dirt roads

    with throttle only, or up to 40° with pedal

    Electronic Parts

  • Motor

    48V 1,000W DC

    brushless geared hub motor, max torque > 80N·m
  • Controller

    48V 25±1A 12MOSFET

    fat tire motor controller, cut-off voltage: 39V
  • Display

    3.5" Landscape LCD

    YL-81F center mounted LCD meter color display
  • Battery

    48V 18Ah Lithium-ion

    LISHEN 21700 lithium battery cell
  • Charger

    54.6V 3A DC 2.1mm

    impulse-output charger with full-charge cut-off
  • Lights

    10W bright headlight

    with a built-in electric horn, LED rear brake light
  • Throttle

    Left thumb throttle

    slightly delayed response/boot in default
  • Sensor

    Cadence pedal-assist sensor

    easier to activate and keep motor engage
  • Wiring

    Waterproof wiring

    semi-internal cable routing, circular connectors

    Bicycle Components

  • Frame

    20" High-carbon steel

    Heavy-duty motorcycle suspension frame
  • Front fork

    Adjustable hydraulic

    100mm travel magnesium alloy front fork with lockout.
  • Shock absorber

    1,000 Lbs shock absorber

    High-performance suspension
  • Handlebar

    26" BMX handlebar

    aluminum alloy with rubber ergonomic grips
  • Brake caliper

    DYISLAND hydraulic

    with copper-basis semi-metallic brake pads
  • Brake lever

    DYISLAND hydraulic

    aluminum alloy brake lever with brake cut-off
  • Brake rotors

    180mm stainless steel

    3.0mm thickness motorcycle rotors
  • Shifter

    SHIMANO revoShift

    SL-M315 7-speed right shifter lever
  • Derailleur

    SHIMANO tourney

    RD-TZ500-GS 6/7-speed derailleur
  • Freewheel

    14-28T 7-speed

    SHIMANO cast iron freewheel
  • Tires

    20" * 4.0" Fat tires

    CHAOYANG tube tires, 270-440Kpa/40-65PSI
  • Rims

    36 Spokes dual-wall

    STARS CIRCLE aluminum alloy rims
  • Valve

    48mm AV

    Schrader valve stems
  • Crankset

    170mm iron cranks

    48T chainring with aluminum guard
  • Pedal

    9/16" platform pedals

    WELLGO cast iron MTB pedals
  • Chain

    KMC chain

    stainless steel with a titanium nitride coating
  • Seat

    Widened thick saddle

    with pressure relief design, sponge filling
  • Kickstand

    Heavyduty kickstand

    aluminum alloy with plastic foot
  • Fenders

    Front and rear

    full-coverage plastic fenders
  • Racks

    Bottom basket

    custom aluminum alloy basket
  • Reflectors

    Spoke tire reflectors

    pedal reflectors
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34 Reviews
Reviewed by Sam G.
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Review posted
I recommend this product
Rated 5 out of 5

So far…..Soooo Good……👍🏻😁✨🥰🤩♥️♥️😎

I’ve only been able to take it out for a few rides,but I’m really enjoying the Samebike Pilot SE……

I’m looking forward to riding it around my town,as it’s going to be my main form of transportation!

It definitely has already gotten noticed! Loving it! Will definitely be looking into upgrading it (is there a front tire motor option?)down the road(pun fully intended) Go out and get yourself one 5🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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Reviewed by Harvey
Verified Reviewer
Review posted
I recommend this product
Rated 5 out of 5

Nice Bike

Purchased Oct 2023 after researching many and it fits the budget and it's just a great built ebike. Just treat it right and it will do right by you. I am trying to start a ebike group in the 419 with my Red Same bike that I love. I added turn signals and instead of mirrors I added a LCD rear display to see what's behind me along with other items and more to come. I want the extra battery but I'm going to wait and see when the price comes down. You can view my bike here and on my YouTube channel https://youtu.be/hUN1NHzLhGc?feature=shared

Was this helpful?
Reviewed by vanessa a.
Verified Buyer
Review posted
I recommend this product
Rated 5 out of 5


amazing my son loves his new bike

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Reviewed by Noah
Review posted
I recommend this product
Rated 5 out of 5

Good bike

It’s a good bike!! The speed is crazy the suspension is super good little pumps can even feel them.and going up hills is easy like nothing better than my other ebike fs

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Reviewed by Blu M.
Verified Buyer
Review posted
I recommend this product
Rated 5 out of 5

Best ever

I don’t know why I didn’t get these sooner!!! My nephews got them for Christmas and I had to order two! Just got them today and these are the best to cruise around on and are fast! Thank you!

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