1. How to turn on the bike?
    1. Check if the battery is full and attach it to the bike.
    2. Turn the key or press the switch on the battery to turn on the battery.
    3. Press the M button (usually on the left handle) for 3-5 seconds to turn on the Display.
    4. Press the UP button to set PAS to any level except zero. Then you can use the PAS and throttle.
  2. How to turn on/off the headlight? I can't find a button for it.

    If there's no headlight button for your bike, please try to turn on/off the headlight by long press the UP button (the one used to increase PAS level).

  3. How to remove the speed limit?
    1. Turn off the Display.
    2. Full push/twist the throttle and pull the brake lever.
    3. Hold the throttle and brake, turn on the display.
    4. Keep holding the throttle and brake for 5 seconds after display lights.
  4. I noticed there's no fuse on the battery, any risks?

    For these batteries, we use a dedicated battery protection board rather than a fuse. It provides better security. For some reason, the battery manufacturer still retains the fuse base on the mold.