Why buy from us?

We offer the lowest prices

As a top-manufacturer self-managed online store. We're now providing our bike from our factory to our local warehouse and to customers directly.

Without paying the cost of maintaining the brick-and-mortar store, we will pass all savings to you, our customer, to provide top quality and service at the most competitive price.

All prices you see on our website are shipping and tax covered. Yes, it's really saved a lot.

We advertise bikes authentically

The bieks or accessories purchased are true and consistent with the pictures and descriptions you see on our website. We will never intentionally inflate our battery capacity, nor do we intentionally beautify our products.

We provide thoughtful service

Our service team is trained experts on adjustment, maintenance, and upgrades. The first lesson we learned is to treat every customer as a friend.

We are willing to understand your needs and give you a quick response. No matter if you want to inquire before purchase, learn more about the bike, or discuss anything.

We ship quickly and safely

We built long-term cooperation with the most reliable logistic carriers. They will come to our warehouses in CA every business day to pick up your bike and provide fast and safe shipping services.

We are always there

You can always get in touch with us via multiple channels, emails, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. Don't worry the product link/seller page can not be open/found after a few months or a year. Samebike is always here with you.