Three Tips to Vent Your Bad Feeling

Three Tips to Vent Your Bad Feeling

As wars and covid-19 remain widespread in various parts of the world, the rising food and fuel prices are wreaking havoc on our living life. Also, pollution is threatening our environment. The human being is disappointed in life, trying to escape from it. However, happy life never escapes us!
Here are three ways to vent your bad feeling.

1. Maintain a positive attitude

As long as we are optimistic about life, the challenges are not from the future but ourselves. Keep smiling when you suffered a lot soon you'll find it just lasts for a while.

2. Use sustainable transportation

Are you willing to see the city congested with cars, noises, and emissions? I bet you do not like it. Just imagine there are no automobiles on road, everyone is walking or cycling. What a peaceful life is! Maybe it's a fantasy, but you can do it now! Go by bus, bike, or foot when you have a commuting or short trip instead of those polluted automobiles. And here is a foldable ebike I would recommend you ride everywhere.
With a double-battery system, it has incredible longevity to support the long trip and charge infrequently.
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3. Value food and water

It's beneficial for us to secure food supply by meeting our basic needs and valuing our food and water. If we keep this value in mind, trying to prevent food from wastage, we will live less panic and help reduce hunger.

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