Custom S830 display manual

Custom S830 display manual

Details Shown on Screen

When turning on the display, you will see all content show up like the figure below. After the system self-check, the display will show the correct information about the bike.

There're three area on the screen:

Speedometer Area

Display the currentCUR, max, or averageAVG speed in miles or kilometers per hour

How to change: long press the Mmode and >up arrow button.

Odometer Area

Display the distance traveled by a single tripTRIP or all tripsODO, bike uptimeTIME, system voltageVOL, or system currentCUR. [ i ]

How to change: short press the M button.

Status Area

Display the battery power remaining, motor gear level, and other statuses of the bike.

Bike Status Icons

Lights Indicator

Show on the display when the headlamp and tail light is on.

How to operate lights: long-press the > button.

Cruise Indicator

Show on the display when using cruise control.

How to cruise: long-press the >down arrow button when riding.

Walk Mode Indicator

Show on the display when using the walk mode.

How to walk the bike: long-press the > button when stopped.

Brake Indicator

Show on the display when operating any brake lever.

This means the motor cut-off function of the brake lever is working.

Throttle Failure

Motor Failure

Battery Failure

Controller Failure

For any other icon not mentioned above, it means we haven't used it on your bike. If there's a failure icon show on the display, please contact us for further help.

Display Settings

Usually, customers can enter the setting/programming menu of the display by long-pressing the > and > button. All setting parameters of the display are list here.


Backlight Brightness

Range 1-3brightest. The backlight will light when turning on the headlamp.

Not locked


Unit of Length

0 - kilometer, 1 - mile.

Not locked


System Voltage

24V, 36V, or 48V.



Auto Shutdown Time

Shut down automatically after X minutes without operation. X=0 - Never.

Not locked


Motor Gear Level

Grade the motor power into 30 or 51 levels. [ i ]



Wheel Diameter

Unit: inch. Precision: 0.1. Set based on the real-test result[ i ].



Motor Magnet Type

0-100 for motor speed detection.



Speed Limit

Limit the top speed to X0-100 km/h. Motor stop assists when reaching X km/h.

Not locked


Throttle Response

Sets whether pressing throttle and motor beginning to spin is instant0 - more quickly or there is a delay1 - more safely.



Ride Mode

0 - pedal-assist only, 1 - throttle only, 2 - both PAS and throttle.



Pedal-assist Sensitivity

Range 0most sensitive-24. Sets how sensitive PAS is to the movement of the pedals.



PAS Start Strength

Provide level 0weakest-5strongest assist when you start pedaling.



PAS Magnet Type

5, 8, or 12 pcs of magnetic dot on the PAS sensor.



Max Current of Controller

1-20Amp, set based on the model of controller.



Not Implemented

This parameter is unused


Odometer (ODO) Reset

Press the > button for 5 seconds to erase the recorded total mileage.

We locked most of the settings of the display to avoid bike failures caused by misoperation. There are no methods for customers to unlock and change those settings. Usually you can change the not locked parameters by following steps:

  • 1. Press the M button to switch to the parameter you want to change.
  • 2. Press the > or > button to change the value of it.
  • 3. Leave it without operationi for 10 seconds or long press the > and > button to save all changes and exit menu.


The display manufacturer owns the right to modify or upgrade the display. The item that comes to you may be slightly different from this manual. Please don't be concerned about it. It won't result in problems with the bike system.

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